Nicole Kidman broke the silence about them with Tom cruise for foster children Scientologists

Nicole Kidman with foster children

Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman divorced in 2001, and since then the actress very reluctantly and cautiously said in an interview about family life with him. Well about foster children she and Tom adopted in the early 1990s, it prefers to remain silent. However, in an interview with the Australian magazine Who mentioned 25-year-old Isabella and 23-year-old Connor. Like Cruz, they became adherents of the Church of Scientology.

I do not like to talk about all this. I need to protect our relationship. 150% sure I’d give my life for children… They are adults, able to make decisions independently. They made the choice to be a Scientologist. My maternal task is to love them. Regardless of what the child, he should know that I love him and always open. Parental task is to give unconditional love, ‘ said Nicole.

Nicole Kidman

Herself Kidman professes Catholicism. During her divorce from Tom cruise she said she doesn’t want her kids brought up by Scientologists. In October 2015, the media reported that Isabella Cruz has married. The press wrote that she was not invited to the wedding of foster parents.

Now Nicole is happily married to singer Keith urban, with whom has two daughters, ten-year, Sunday rose and eight-year-old faith Margaret.

Adopted children of Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman — Connor and Isabella

Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise

Nicole Kidman with foster children in 2004

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