Nicole Kidman explained why silent about her marriage with Tom cruise

Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise

56-year-old Tom cruise leads a private life, reminds the press about himself and almost never indulges the audience with new roles, but the media continue to be interested in an actor. And so use every opportunity to talk about him with his ex-wives, but more often it turns out that memories about the ex-wife – a taboo. Recent edition of the Observer magazine tried to find out from Nicole Kidman’s why she shies away from answering questions about Tom in public.

Now I have a different husband (the singer Keith urban. — Approx. ed.). Out of respect for him I don’t want to talk about it. It’s been 20 years. I lived to the moment when I can say: “Not going to discuss his former”. I am pleased to utter these words,– replied the journalist actress.

Nicole Kidman with Tom cruise in 1998

… and Keith Urban in 2018

Cruise and Kidman had been married for more than ten years and adopted two children, daughter Isabella and son Connor. Autumn Nicole said that marriage to a movie star helped her in Hollywood, was saved from harassment, for example.

To the great surprise of the audience, the actress has recently said about the 25-year-old Isabella and 23-year-old Connor, who, like their step-father, became interested in Scientology.

Nicole Kidman

In 2006, Kidman was married a second time. Now with Keith urban she has two daughters, ten-year, Sunday rose and eight-year-old faith Margaret.

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