Nicole Kidman will play a therapist in the new series

Николь Кидман сыграет психотерапевта в новом сериале

This role will be home in an upcoming serial movie.

Nicole Kidman ( “Big little lies”) will play a major role in the new HBO series “the Decision” (The Undoing) and will be Executive producer of the film, reports the with reference to Multikino.

In the series, Kidman will play a successful therapist named grace Sachs, which is preparing to release her first book. She has a faithful husband and a son who is studying in an elite school in new York. Once a woman’s life will go downhill.

She will witness violent death, and then disappear her husband. After that, float to the surface the terrible facts about her husband. Grace tries to survive all these problems.

Director of the film named the Danish Susanne bier, which won an Oscar for drama “Revenge” and “Emmy” for the detective series “Night administrator”.

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