Nikki Haley resigned

Никки Хейли подала в отставку

Nikki Haley resigned

Author: Anastasia Bielsko

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According to sources Axios, President of trump accepted the resignation of U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. According to the Associated Press, the Ambassador will leave office at the end of this year.

Sources claim that the head of the country and Hailey discussed her resignation last week, during the latter’s visit to the White house. The decision of the former Governor of South Carolina appointed by the U.S. Ambassador on 27 January 2017 (4 days after the inauguration of the President), has caught many administration officials trump.

Officially the resignation of Ms. Haley’s press Secretary, the White house has not confirmed, but the President has already said on Twitter that he plans with the representative to make on Tuesday, October 9 at 10: 30 am “important statement“.

Hayley herself does not comment the situation. A possible reason for the resignation has also not reported.

“I am proud to work in this administration, and willing to support most of her decisions and directions in which they lead the country, — said the permanent representative of the United States in an open column in the Washington Post, published in September, shortly after the anonymous notes in the New York Times. — But I don’t agree with the President”.

“If I don’t agree with something and believe that it is a rather important question to discuss with him, then do so, — said Haley. — And he listens“.

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