Nine-year-old boy was presented with a prestigious mansion in the suburbs

Девятилетнему мальчику подарили особняк в престижном Подмосковье

The son of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev Haydar at the age of nine became the owner of the mansion in the prestigious gated village on Rublevo-Uspensky highway “Gardens Meyendorff”.

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According to the investigation of journalists, the square footage of Aliyev-younger – more than 7 thousand square meters, floor area – 1.6 thousand square meters. The site was first issued on the father-in-law of the Azerbaijani President Arif Pashayev, but a year after the purchase, he gave his nine year old Heydar.

The donation contract was issued in 2007, so journalists are not able to establish the exact cost of the plot at the time.

Today, the plot of the same area in “the Gardens Meyendorff” sold for 2.3 billion rubles ($35 million).

In the “Gardens Meyendorff” is also a house, which belongs to the eldest daughter of President Aliyev, Leyla. She became the owner of the land plot with the area of 7.7 thousand square meters in 20 years.