Nissan has updated one of the most sold models

Nissan обновил одну из самых продаваемых моделей

The appearance of the car became more rapid and solid.

The company Nissan at the time of its existence was quite a lot of different successful models. Among them special place is the car called the Qashqai. You imagine that in 2007 with the conveyors of the auto giant has produced more than 2 million cars, and we are talking about two generations of cars, reports the with reference to

The last restyling of the car has already had this year, with the result that he had a new body, as well as a number of other configurations. As a result, the car became visually more attractive. Confirmation of the popularity of this model is that in 2017, the machine has demonstrated a unique indicator of sales, it has increased amounted to 90.9%. The leadership of the Japanese automobile giant clearly understands what that figure means to lose such a position is not going to.

It is for this reason was carried out a planned restyling of the model resulted in changes in the body, such as new lighting, grille, modified bumpers. As a result of these changes the car’s appearance became more rapid and solid. The changes also touched the interior of the machine, there occurred the following changes: interface multimedia system, new steering wheel, seat car received a new material for decoration, in particular, Nappa leather.

Thus so did the changes and technical side of the crossover. To give the car more handling and gloss, the engineers decided to penetrait steering and suspension. A trip on a new car for passengers and driver will be quieter, that it became possible to improve the noise insulation performance, and this contributes to a thicker rear glass.

Special attention deserves the model of the car intelligent system, which was developed for the safety and comfort of passengers and driver. This system monitors the car, as well as various objects outside, she constantly analyzes the situation on the road and predicts how they will develop further. For example, if in the path of crossover encounter an obstacle, the system automatically will respond and will give the driver a signal about the possibility of danger. Or another option is if the driver will fall asleep behind the wheel, the system will give him the signal that he is heading off the strip destination, based on the fact that the driver doesn’t turn the corners.

Engineers did not forget also about the comfort and functionality of a vehicle, for example that it is much easier to use a mobile means of communication. In particular, it helps implement the system, NissanConnect, through which you can keep in touch with your mobile phone. The owners of the updated car will pay attention to more intuitive graphics, which has big similarity with the application. With its help, you can very easily connect to the world wide web the Internet, to various instant messengers, social networks, to use various hints from TripAdvisor etc.

A separate discussion deserve the Bose sound system that can give a whole new palette of sounds, from which the passengers and the driver will receive a lot of positive emotions. It does not matter what seat passengers sit. The richness of the sound and its volume provides located in the car’s seven speakers. And it’s specially designed new dynamics.

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