“Nizozemscina!”: Laysan utiasheva spoke sharply about women who can’t cook

Laysan Utiasheva

33-year-old Laysan utiasheva last week gave an interview to the journalist Iryna, Sichman, but things around him do not cease until now. The statements of the former gymnast has caused conflicting emotions among the audience. The greatest indignation of commentators provoked a phrase that women not mastered the skill of cooking, are the “nizozemscina”.

Itself utiasheva called the ability to cook one of the most important skills and included him in the list of his new training, the star talks about how to become a superwoman and a good wife.

Laysan Utiasheva

If you don’t know how to cook, then you nizozemscina, and no Domostroy is not here! Why do you require a man to hammer a nail? I understand that you might be governesses, ladies, you can order yourself a fancy going home, but just do not know how? We are now in this century, as the devil says, “Yes, women should not cook!” and knocks we have it from under his feet. Where is it written that they should not?

Grandmother, great-grandmother cooked, and somehow the women of this generation began to say, “No, I don’t have to cook.” Why? If you can cook soup, it is 20 minutes of your life. You can talk on the phone at the same time to chip it all. Of course, he will love you for who you are, but then when will children will life will be the conversations that we have mom not cooking, mom does not, she’s a CIT.

On the question of the journalist, specify whether the chief in the kitchen, utiasheva responded with undisguised surprise.

Why he should do women’s things, explain to me, please? This is for women’s self-esteem is important for her role. Pasha’s very important that I was prepared. For him this is an important point. He brought home to the shooting of Comedy Club, and all the guys ordered from the restaurants. Pasha as such: “And here Lesa made the meat so tasty!”. After all food is home cooked and restaurant — this is a huge difference.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

Laysan, which this year won the award from GQ magazine in the category “the Power of inner beauty”, also admitted that he was happy to cook for Will and when he suffered the death of his mother.

In the third month of mourning I Pasha was preparing. It’s a normal desire when the girl I want to like the boy. As he sang Vika Dayneko — I’ll be better for you. After all, we play it in the 18-19 years and then suddenly starts this: “Yes myself fed, I have a career, I go.” And then wonder, what is he to the neigbour has gone or something has gone?

Rosie also appealed to girls not to read a lecture to their husbands and Boyfriends once again, and become a true friend.

Girls, finish your boys to cut! You should be comfortable. Here you come from work, and there are socks lying around — well scatter their own and lie down beside. Well, he is drinking a beer and watching a movie, well come on down here and also see. People, too, came home from work!

Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya with children

Shaman, could not resist and I asked when to be yourself if so much time should be given other things to please a man.

Then sit at home and howl at the moon

— responded utiasheva, which is already six years married to a showman Paul Will. Together the couple are raising their five year old son Robert and three year old daughter Sofia.

The view of the former athlete, now a TV presenter, however, is not shared by all. Many netizens criticized the Patriarchal attitudes Rosie to family life.

Love yourself and choose a husband of a loving decent man, not a consumer of women’s services. All the problems come from low self-esteem, a man can’t hold a soup and a bed, if he doesn’t respect you and doesn’t appreciate

— wrote one of the spectators.

Scandalous interview has already gathered nearly three thousand comments, however, the impression from the statements can be placed in one legendary phrase Dunya Smirnova made in one of the episodes of “School for scandal”. All for what?! For the sake of the…

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