No analogues in Ukraine came up with the perfect protection from counterfeit works of art

Нет аналогов в мире: в Украине придумали идеальную защиту от подделок произведений искусства

The project UATAG was one of three finalists in the competition among startups Seedstars Lviv. Inventors managed to get around 12 teams. And already on December 12-14, its developers compete against 11 finalists from across the country on Seedstars Ukraine. The winner will participate in the summit, Seedstars in Switzerland and will compete for $ 1 million. The invention Lviv it people promises almost an absolute guarantee of protection against counterfeiting. How it all works, “FACTS” said the head of the marketing Department of a startup UATAG Galina Wilczynski.

— In the world there are many methods to protect valuable items, but none of them gives a 100 percent guarantee, — says Galina Wilczynski. — For example, in the evaluation of works of art the expert’s opinion is supported by paper documents and photographs and the object itself is marked with invisible ink or other primitive methods. But, if the expert confirmed the originality of the picture and left the room in which he gave his opinion, the original can be easily replaced with a forgery. That is why we have set a goal to develop a method that would allow to identify the originality of the product and ensure it in the future.

— Your invention guarantees a two-level system of protection of goods. What does it mean?

Physical protection are the unique cracks in the glass. If you break the same pieces of glass due to internal stresses and properties possessed by the glass, each time the cracks will form a unique pattern. It is unique, it is impossible to reproduce, to fake, to duplicate. We used this as an identifier, like a fingerprint, which you can assign to a subject in need of the protection of its originality.

The second level is the blockchain technology. Is a distributed database that is protected from tampering and processing, it reliably maintains a list of digital records that are constantly growing. It is also impossible to fake, I can’t make changes.

— How it all works in the complex?

We created a physical tag that is attached to the product. The mount is disposable. If you once he had removed or was attempting withdrawal, tag is damaged, and the second time it cannot be used. There are two ways of authentication. First, a visual comparison of the crack. Scan the QR code located on the tag, and get the image tags with protected base blockchain. Our eyes can easily recognize two drawings and can identify, this is the same picture cracks or the other. The second way is using the mobile app scan the tag, namely the part with a unique pattern. The software allows you to map the cracks and you receive the answer concerning the originality. Also in this case the user will see who owns the object that protects this tag, and other information important to the customer.

Нет аналогов в мире: в Украине придумали идеальную защиту от подделок произведений искусства
* Using the mobile app, you can scan the unique pattern of cracks that belongs to a certain subject

To patent your idea, Lviv I. T. Taras Rodzevich and Bogdan Salii took about a year. Many more were left to declare themselves in the Ukrainian IT-space. Now the inventors behind the participation in such large-scale events in the sphere of IT technologies, such as TechCrunch Disrupt, The Next Web, and Lviv IT Arena stage Seedstars. Further, according to the inventors, they have the potential to promote his invention abroad.

— State structures of Ukraine have agreed to cooperate with us, — Galina continues. For example, the national Museum of history of Ukraine undertook to test our labels on their exhibits. Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk took our idea very positively waiting until we release the first batch of tags. In addition, we were interested in and foreign museums. Now we conduct research on the market France, Italy and Spain.

Abroad the protection of values is also acute?

— Do not hesitate. For example, one of the biggest global scandals of recent years have occurred in the Museum Etienne Terrus in elne in the South of France. They found 82 of fake paintings for a total amount of 160 thousand euros! So as soon as protect all valuable exhibits in Ukraine, will go abroad — smiling Galina.

— What values can you protect your invention?

In the first place UATAG was developed to protect the exclusive products of famous brands: bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, electronic and medical equipment. But eventually we found a good niche — protection of works of art: paintings, Museum exhibits, Antiques. In our opinion, the invention gives the best protection against counterfeiting.

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We have already undertaken research in this market, and our development was perceived very well. Because until now there is no such method that would solve the problem in the field of art. And cases of counterfeits and replacement of paintings in Ukrainian museums are not uncommon. Recall, the substitution of the originals in Uman art Museum.

— How much will cost your services?

We have a model UATAG for items requiring long term protection. They created a reliable tag that is a lot of years. We take the protection function of the subject, which will include a physical tag, the contents of the object in the database, the blockchain and technical support. It will cost about $ 5 per year.

— How many specialists does it take to run such a project?

A startup may begin two or three people. They will have to deal with the product from beginning to end, will form the development strategy, research the market and competitors, build communication with customers. Can not do without a web developer, which establishes the technical part. It is the backbone, without which it is impossible to move. Less important tasks can be outsourced to the advantage of foreign performers.

— And the costs of running the project you have already figured out?

Like every startup, we have to save. This stimulates the search for ideas, to avoid high costs and to achieve maximum results with minimal investment. Usually in the beginning it is difficult to predict how much financial resources will be needed. Therefore, the projected amount of invested funds can be immediately multiplied by two. Our startup requires physical production. It takes the most money. We have long thought where to start — in Ukraine or in China. Stopped in Ukraine. The second item of expenditure — patenting. It costs roughly $ 5,000 in a single country. The third article — IT-costs. The fourth is marketing.

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In addition, it’s important to participate in professional conferences, where there is the opportunity to meet with competitors to see the needs of customers, get honest feedback.

To start, you need tens of thousands of dollars. So far we are self funded and is planning to attract investments. This will help to enter the market.

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