Nobel laureate: people will not move to other planets

Нобелевский лауреат: люди не переедут на другие планеты

Nobel laureate Michel Mayor (Michel Mayor) said that the idea of people living on another planet, “absolutely crazy.”

“People will never be able to migrate to the planet beyond Earth and Solar system, because it will take too much time,” – says a Swiss scientist, winner of the Nobel prize in physics this year, Michelle Major.

He and his colleague Didier Kelos was nagrajdenii their methods for the detection of so-called exoplanets. “If we’re talking about exoplanets, everything should be clear: we are not moving there. All these planets are too far. Even in a very optimistic scenario, habitable planet may be light years, but it is irresistible for us,” – said the scientist.

“We have to take care of our beautiful planet, save its suitability for life and not to dream of escape,” says Major.