Northern Pass: Eversource attempts to relaunch audiences in New Hampshire

Hydro-Qu?bec’s US partner in the Northern Pass transportation project is moving forward with the hope of convincing New Hampshire to grant it a key authorization for the construction of the transmission line.

In a motion filed on Wednesday, Eversource asked the New Hampshire Site Review Board (NHSEC) to reconsider its decision to block the Northern Pass and resume hearings quickly.
Time is running out as Massachusetts has set a deadline of March 27 for a solution under the major supply agreement awarded to Hydro-Qu?bec and Eversource last January.
In case of failure, this state of New England could turn to New England Clean Energy Connect, a project that would be carried out by the Quebec Crown corporation and Central Maine Power, as an alternative.
Conditional negotiations can be held in parallel with the ongoing talks between Massachusetts and the promoters of the Northern Pass.

Hydro-Qu?bec was betting on the Northern Pass, which was to cost $ 680 million for the Quebec portion and $ 1.6 billion south of the border, to deliver to Massachusetts annually 9.45 terawatt hours for 20 years from 2020. The agreement could allow the Crown corporation to generate revenues estimated at $ 10 billion.
In the United States, the transmission line, which has to bypass the White Mountains region, had already been licensed by the Department of Energy and the US Forest Service. It stops however at the NHSEC.

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