Not just “Office romance”: what roles we love Alisa Freindlich

December 8 — birthday of Alice Freindlich — actress, whose filmography is a solid classic, “Office romance”, “Stalker”, “Cruel romance” or the unforgettable “the Musketeers”.

84-year-old Alice Brunovna and is now a sought-after artist for over 35 years, remains the star of the Bolshoi drama theatre named Tovstonogov in St. Petersburg. In the movie, the actress is removed rarely. In addition to the stage Freundlich you can occasionally see on the page in Instagram by her granddaughter Anna. Recall that the married actress was three, she had a daughter Barbara and two grandchildren. Alice Brunovna often spends time with them, but in an interview admits that the feeling of loneliness was familiar to her.

Alisa Freundlich, daughter Barbara and grandchildren
Alisa Freundlich (center) at the wedding of the granddaughter
The birthday of an audience favorite star remember those roles that are not as well known as we have listed in the beginning, but not less bright do!

“The tale of newlyweds”

In the two years before the Freundlich starred in the famous Comedy “Striped flight”, was the role in the melodrama “the Story about the couple”. In love story, where he also played Tatiana Peltzer, Yevgeny Leonov, Sergei Yursky, 25-year-old Freundlich got not the most significant role, but viewers remembered her face.

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “the Tale of newlyweds”

By the time the actress, the account was already enough work in theater, but on the silver screen she practically did not appear. That period — the late 50s — a remarkable fact that the actress met her first husband, theater Director Igor Vladimirov, who was 16 years her senior. Their family and creative Union lasted about 20 years (Freundlich had played the husband in the Lensovet theatre).

Alisa Freundlich and Anatoly Kuznetsov

“To love…”

The 1968 film directed by Mikhail Kalik “Love…” has collected a number of star names, it played young Alisa Freindlich, Andrei Mironov, Igor Kvasha, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Svetlana Svetlichnaya. The Freundlich had a role in love of conductors Ani.

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “Love…”

The music for the film was written by Mikael Tariverdiev, words songs — Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The tape consisted of four short stories, each of which was preceded by an epigraph from “song of Songs” of the old Testament. The film also includes excerpts of interviews with Alexander Menem about the meaning and essence of love, as well as interviews with passers-by. In fact, it was the mixing of documentary and feature films.

The film was actually banned, rather, first came under ruthless censorship: cut almost all the interviews, quotes from the old Testament, the preaching of Me. The Director appealed to the court, but the meeting never took place, and the Kalika opened a criminal case. The author’s copy of the film confiscated during the search. She, incidentally, was never found, and in 1990 Mikhail Kalik partially restored and reworked the painting.


Director Victor Titov told an emotional story about the terrible days of the Leningrad blockade under great music by Strauss and Schnittke. The main musical theme of the picture, 1969, became the Strauss waltz “tales from the Vienna woods”.

Alisa Freundlich played in the drama Titova housekeeper Marusya. For the actress this theme was especially close: at the beginning of the siege she was a first grader, and his mother barely survived this time.

The main impression of my childhood — the war, the blockade. Well remember how looked intensely at the clock when the arrow finally reaches the desired division and you can eat a tiny slice of bread from the rations? This hard mode gave us grandma — and that is why we survived

— said Freundlich.

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “Waltz”

“Anna and the Commodore”

Romance with Alice Freundlich, Vasily Lanovoy and innocent Smoktunovsky not moved except that completely devoid of emotion. Beautiful and touching film about love, pain, losses and strength of character that emerged in the 70s and was met with critics cool. Now the experts noted the excellent work of the actors, and flawless dialogue.

Alisa Freundlich and Vasily Lanovoi in the film “Anna and the Commodore”


The image of Alice Freindlich not really associated with children’s films, and she played the tape on motives of known fairy tales. The actress played the lead role in the 1986 film “Secrets of the Snow Queen” and was in this manner more than convincing. For the first time she played in the film, the tale in the ten years before that — in the film “the Princess and the pea”, where she got the role of the Queen mother.

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “Secrets of the Snow Queen”

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “the Princess and the pea”


Perhaps, for the public, Alisa Freundlich — rather, it is Queen Anne of colorful musical ribbon “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” than the wife of the Stalker from the cult tapes Tarkovsky, published, by the way, in one year from “the Musketeers” jungvald-Khilkevich. Nevertheless, it is the monologue of the actress from the “Stalker” was among the strongest on effects moments of this film — and indeed of the Soviet cinema. Interestingly, the role of the wife of the Stalker Tarkovsky intended to shoot his wife, but after a trial Freundlich have not seen in this way, no one else. The Director even wanted to leave in the final version of the film footage of a monologue taken directly during the trial.

“Dangerous age”

“Dangerous age” — the movie about timeless issues: then and the crisis of the 40-year-old, and fatigue from each other when loving people, and the relations of fathers and children… Together with Alice Brunovna the film starred Lithuanian actor Juozas Budraitis and the young Anton Tabakov, who plays the son of main characters.

Alisa Freundlich in the movie “a Dangerous age”
Alisa Freundlich and Anton Tabakov in the movie “a Dangerous age”

“Last ardent enamoured”

Alisa Freundlich played in the same production at the theatre named after Tovstonogov, and in 1989 he released the drama “Last ardent enamoured”. The TV version of the play by Neil Simon is worthy of special mention due to the images of the heroine of Alice’s Brunovna: it is possible to study fashion of the 80s!

Alice Freindlich in the drama “Last ardent enamoured”

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