Not like Cinderella: find new shoes (and not only!) we seen it in Shoe brands

The holidays are getting closer, and winter is all Snezhnoe! Seasonal clothes and evening dresses we have looked, so now is the time to pick shoes. On the fashion menu today and shoes for the ball, and insulated boots for the dances around the Christmas tree in the forest.


The cold season is not a reason to abandon exquisite parties. In the autumn-winter collection from the Italian brand Ballin on cloudy days it is proposed to add a bit of luxury and a Bohemian atmosphere. The emphasis in the collection is on the details, for example, has a bright satin bows that make even simple plain pumps and a very original addition to the holiday.


“Econika” has released a collection of footwear and accessories especially for the New 2019. Original heels, sparkle crystals and the base model for fans of classics to find their pair (of shoes!) these holidays are not exactly difficult, but the Prince will somehow catch up.

3.Giovanni Fabiani

Autumn-winter collection of the Italian brand turned out sophisticated and functional at the same time. As in the cult cinema of Federico Fellini, who skillfully mixed genres and invented the characteristic of the display images in the collection of Giovanni Fabiani coarse shoes are decorated with glamorous pearls, and elastic insert are combined with patent leather.

4.Jog Dog

Shoes and loafers — it’s all well and good, but without a truly insulated shoes our do not survive the winter. Any vagaries of the weather — even on a cosmic scale, judging by the futuristic lookbook can survive in the Shoe of Jog Dog. New collection presented on the background of the extraterrestrial landscapes, apparently, beating so, perhaps, the most famous model from the brand “Rover”.

5.Bianca Georgescu

Brand Romanian designer Bianca Georgescu distinguished by the abundance of manual work. Your imagination is the Creator of the shoes is also not limited in its collections you can find both the basic model and shoes that may seem too pretentious or even tasteless.


New year — a family holiday! And among fashionistas for sure there are those who will never exchange the fresh forest air stuffiness even the most Haimovich clubs. Complete selection lumbunov “instruction” from the brand Scandia, which provided for the case when the program is not a tower of glasses of champagne and dancing until the morning, and riding in a sleigh and playing snowballs.

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