Not poison my wife: Topalov gave back the angry fans Todorenko

Не травите мою жену: Топалов дал отпор разгневанным поклонникам Тодоренко

Famous Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko, which on 5 December gave birth to a son, in no hurry to share with his fans touching pictures and tell you about the joys of motherhood. She even tried to hide a statement from the hospital.

Fans bombarded the star with a request to show son. After all, they are accustomed to the fact that Regina during pregnancy daily happy posts and photos of the growing belly, telling in detail about their feelings and events in his personal and creative life. Now they are outraged by the silence of Regina. Fans leave angry posts and leave hurtful comments, having arranged the present persecution of a young mother.

The wife stood up Vlad Topalov, who tried to explain to fans why he and Regina are not yet ready to show my son. The singer asked to stop the persecution with the requirements of the photo post in Instagram.

“I read your comments and can’t understand how you have so much anger and hatred? Why do I have to put only what you want? And, despite this, I still continue to believe in the good and thank you for the support and love that too, very much, of course! Try to be kinder. It makes no sense to throw stones at me. For as Jesus said: “Who of you is without sin, let him first cast a stone at her”. And I still have a good mood, though, and hate the weather and total lack of sleep. Soon you will learn. Do not worry. Let us calmly to get used to the schedule, to a new life. Let stay together. In silence. In joy. In happiness. Not poison my wife. She owes you nothing. We all say and show exactly when we will be comfortable, not you. It would be nice to read words of joy and support, not persecution idiotic, with the requirements of the photos. So life is arranged, I’m sorry, we are not sick, to just dump everything into the light, like some. And I was sure that you have those who believe in us and understand such things. We are always honest. But, alas, apparently, in some I was wrong. Okay, I still love you and thank you. With God”, wrote the musician.

Не травите мою жену: Топалов дал отпор разгневанным поклонникам Тодоренко

And Regina at this time wants to lose weight and already misses their old forms. She published a photo where posing in purple tights, showing off long, slender legs. Then Todorenko was already on the fifth month of pregnancy.

“While I only dream to go back to wearing tight pants” — complained to Regina and said that has already started to work to lose weight.

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