Nothing has changed: Boklan explained why Ukrainian actors starring in Russian TV series

Ничего не изменилось: Боклан объяснил, почему украинские актеры снимаются в российских сериалах

People’s artist of Ukraine Stanislav Boklan, known for his roles in the films “the Guide”, the TV series “servant of the people”, believes that the Ukrainian cinema, little has changed. In Ukraine continue to shoot Russian films. About Stanislav Boklan told in the “Rendezvous” with Yanina Sokolova.

“We have the same work Russian Studio, we also have “Movie stream”. It’s a Russian company. Removed we there? Removable. We must work, we must live and earn. Working together with Russian actors. Someone has calculated that today in Kiev operates 250-400 Russian actors. Communicate, talk about what you live”, — said Stanislav Boklan.

He also spoke about the work in the TV series “Fortress”, in which Ukrainian was shot and Russian actors.

Such large-scale projects makes no sense to do only for the domestic market, it should sell to other countries. This explains everything, like what a film in Russian. Because the project must be sold. In other countries, will not titrate, redubbed. Because it’s other money” — explained Stanislav Boklan

For himself, the actor decided not to star in Russia and keeps its word, it does not condemn their colleagues.

This double standard in the liver. If we are honest at any level, let’s be honest to the end. I mean from there (the top) and here (bottom). But if there (upstairs), and some claim to those at the bottom, “—said the actor.

Stanislav admitted that very much in demand, working almost seven days a week, which affects health. Down soon but the actor is not going to. He finished the repair in a private home, where dreams of moving with a Studio apartment.

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