Nothing to wear: Victoria Beckham came out in the dress, which we’ve already seen before

Victoria Beckham

Each appearance of Victoria Beckham to the public — fashion show, which is closely assessed and fashion-critics, and fans of the stars. No wonder, the famous designer, style icon and owner of a successful brand, the 44-year-old Victoria knows how to attract attention. Of course, extravagant and garish-sexy outfits the times of the Spice Girls in the past, now Mrs Beckham catches the eye, relying on finesse and elegance. But — with a touch of irony and a bit of Sass. New look celebrity — proof.

Go to boutique of their brand, Victoria from head to toe dressed in a red turtleneck noodle with the sleeves almost hiding the palms MIDI skirt with a smell, high boots, handbag under one arm — it was designed in the same scheme. Exception — sunglasses in the dark frame.

In exactly the same way we have seen his star in the beginning of this month, only then Victoria walked around the city in boots and high heels — the same red. And it’s strange: usually Beckham is trying not to appear in public in the same bow twice, still impressive dressing room lets you change outfits every day and to experiment with images. But apparently, Victoria realized that reinventing the wheel is not necessary, if perfect autumn outfit found.

We love you and?

Victoria Beckham. The beginning of November, 2018

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