Now that’s service: in a Moscow supermarket annoying the buyer was beaten with a baton

Вот это сервис: в московском супермаркете назойливого покупателя избили батоном

In the conflict “affected” the loaf.

In one of the Moscow shops buyer were beaten with baton for request to give him the book of complaints, reports the with reference to

The footage video shows how one of the officers pounced on the man and gets him punched in the face bakery product.

The Network immediately reacted on the video with inadequate behavior of the employees of the supermarket.

“When customers, bringing the exchange, threw coins in the cash drawer with a crash. Kicked the cashier’s chair leg and thus expressed obscenities,” — commented the behavior of the employee those buyers who managed to visit the store.

What was the reason of the conflict and why the store employees refused the buyer in providing the book of complaints, not reported.

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