Nuclear: Pyongyang threatens to stop negotiations, Washington wants to continue

Nucléaire: Pyongyang menace d'arrêter les négociations, Washington veut continuer

The United States sought Friday to minimize the north Korean threat of suspension of negotiations on nuclear disarmament, one of the folders fetishes Donald Trump already challenged by the failure of his last summit with Kim Jong A.

“This administration wants to continue these discussions”, “we are confident that we can continue to discuss, to negotiate”, said the head of american diplomacy Mike Pompeo to Washington.

The president of the United States Donald Trump and the north Korean leader Kim Jong A have not been able, during their second summit in late February in Hanoi to conclude an agreement, even partial, on the nuclear disarmament of the country recluse. They had, however, made mine to leave good friends and want to resume the negotiations.

But more than two weeks later, despite numerous calls of the foot americans, no new appointment has been set between the negotiators.

And on Friday, the vice minister of north Korean foreign Affairs Choe His Today has declared to journalists and foreign diplomats in Pyongyang that North Korea had “no intention of yielding to the demands of the United States, in any way”, and was “not willing” to engage “in negotiations of this type”.

According to comments reported by the Russian agency TASS, it has directly accused Mike Pompeo and the national security adviser of the White House, John Bolton, have “created an atmosphere of hostility and distrust” and “obstructing” to “the constructive efforts” of Kim Jong One, and Donald Trump. “As a result, the summit ended without any significant result,” said the diplomat, who was present in Hanoi.

“This is not true,” protested the american secretary of State, ensuring you have a “professional relationship” with its counterparts.

– Next statement-of-Kim –

He stressed that this was “not the first time” that he was being subjected to such attacks. “I remember to have been treated to a gangster” by the North Koreans at the end of a trip to Pyongyang last summer, he added. “And then we continued to have discussions that are very professional”.

“I have good hope that we can continue”, he insisted.

He also said to expect that the heir of the dynasty of Kim, who heads the North Korea abides by its commitment not to resume nuclear tests and missile launches.

In fact, since the approximation spectacular hired last year by the leaders of the two enemy countries, after months of insults and threats of atomic relations have experienced ups and downs, and have appeared several times at the edge of the break.

Each time, an exchange of letters between the tenant of the White House and the young strong man of Pyongyang, which show a surprising good agreement, was enabled to put the dialogue on track, even if no breakthrough concrete has not yet been registered in the nuclear field.

The warning that north korea comes at a time when signs of activity have been detected on a launch site of a rocket, giving rise to speculation about the imminence of a missile test or rocket on the part of Pyongyang.

According to vice-minister, Kim Jong, and One will soon have an official statement on its intentions.

In Seoul, the presidency has also endeavoured to put into perspective the scope of these declarations, finding that it was “premature to assess the current situation with only about Choe,” adding that South Korea would continue to work for the resumption of the talks.

To Bruce Klingner, the foundation’s conservative Heritage, “Pyongyang is trying to pressure the United States to accept a limited agreement involving only stop producing nuclear complex at Yongbyon”.

“Kim has now handed over the ball in the camp of the president Trump”, he says.

After the fiasco of Hanoi, Washington has defined its strategy by calling for a “grand agreement” rapid allowing of a sudden the “denuclearization of the definitive and fully verified of North Korea” in exchange for the lifting of sanctions that are strangling the economy of this country.

Despite requests from north Korean, the administration Trump was pushed out of the all progressive disarmament which, step by step, the abandonment of a part of the nuclear program would be rewarded by the lifting part of the sanctions.