Nurses: spectacular leap of grievances for the extra time

Infirmi?res: bond spectaculaire des griefs pour du temps suppl?mentaire

The number of grievances filed because of the mandatory overtime imposed on nurses has increased dramatically in recent years.

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At the request of The canadian Press, the F?d?ration interprofessionnelle de la sant? (FIQ), the trade union organisation that represents the vast majority of nurses and nursing assistants in Quebec, has recognized the grievances that have been filed by its members forced to do overtime.

Thus, in 2014, what are two grievances that had been filed for mandatory overtime.

2015: two complaints. In 2016: 486 grievances and in 2017: 1981 grievance.

In 2018, at the beginning of February, a total of 423 complaints had already been filed because of these mandatory overtime.

At the FIQ, it is noted that these figures do not include members who have had to do compulsory overtime, and who have not filed a grievance to this effect.


During this time, the prime minister Philippe Couillard himself has lamented on Thursday that a licensed practical nurse at Hotel-Dieu de Sorel had been suspended by her employer for refusing to do overtime.

Earlier this week, the case of Johanne Leclerc has been shared on the social networks, after she was complaint of having been suspended for a day, without pay, for refusing to remain for a quarter of a day job, after having finished his night shift.

“We regret it”, merely commented on the prime minister Couillard, when he was asked about it Thursday in Montreal, after he had given a press conference on the express Network in metropolitan france.

It was discussed that a second nurse was also the subject of sanctions at the Hotel-Dieu de Sorel, but, on Thursday afternoon, the FIQ reported that the date of the meeting with the employer had been postponed to an undetermined date.

It is important to note that the minister of Health and social Services, Ga?tan Barrette, when informed of the situation, had said that he was going to make a phone call.

As for the prime minister, he reiterated his willingness “to resolve the problem. I know very well that it is very hard, that this is not acceptable,” he elected, reminding that often, these workers also have family responsibilities, in addition to being exhausted.

The prime minister Couillard, however, has sent a message felt to the directorates of health facilities. “There are leaders of institutions that must take responsibility. How is it that of the great hospitals of the Montreal region are capable, with the same minister, the same government and the same budgets, virtually eliminate mandatory overtime and others, apparently, are not. Where is the problem? Then, the problem is not necessarily only the government side; it is at the level of the management of institutions”.

Besides, an agreement on the question of overtime is to intervene in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean between the local trade union, affiliated to the FIQ (F?d?ration interprofessionnelle de la sant?), and the CIUSSS (integrated Center for academic health and social services).

The president of the local union, Julie Bouchard, spoke of “pure oxygen” which was administered to its members.

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