Nutritionists call a diet conducive to proper sleep

Диетологи назвали рацион, способствующий полноценному сну

Seasonal fruits, fish and olives are the main components of the diet.

A study by Greek scientists from a Public University in Athens showed that the transition to a Mediterranean diet may help older people sleep better at night, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Experts found that people aged 65 years and older had better quality sleep if they regularly eat seasonal fruits, fish and olives – the key components of the Mediterranean diet.

To come to such conclusions, the experts interviewed about 1650 older adults to determine the degree of adherence to the Mediterranean diet. After that, the researchers assessed the sleep quality of participants in the next month.

It was found that volunteers aged 65 to 75 years had far fewer problems with sleep and sleep better at night if they followed the Mediterranean diet.

Experts suggest that some foods included in the Mediterranean diet such as some fish species, olives and seasonal fruits are good sources of melatonin – a hormone which is known to be involved in the regulation of the biological clock of the body. This hormone sends signals to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

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