Nutritionists called the spice of “burning” those extra pounds

Диетологи назвали специю, "сжигающую" лишние килограммы

Ginger confirmed its slimming effect.Ginger tea can be a great tool that helps you eat less and lose weight – to such conclusion after a series of experiments made by scientists from Columbia University in new York.

Those who are familiar with the problem of overeating, they are advised to regularly add to your food and drinks ginger and chilli. These supplements in fact have the ability to reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods.

In the course of experiments with participation of volunteers who had excess weight for several weeks it was necessary to eat dishes, generously seasoned with Chile and ginger. In addition, according to mission scientists people regularly drinking ginger tea.

The result of the tests were the following: the scientists said that volunteers experienced a sharp decline in interest in sweet, salty and fatty snacks – in short, everything harmful that it makes you grow fat and leads to weight gain.

“Those who drank ginger tea, quickly filled and thus, ate less food,” added the specialists.The ginger and Chile, as explained by scientists, contains a significant amount of active ingredients – capsaicin and Imperial. Their use activates blood flow, increases the temperature and increases sweating all of these physiological processes contribute to increased energy production in the body and a more intensive expenditure of fat cells.

To prepare ginger tea, ginger root should be cut into thin slices, put into a container, cover with water and bring to heat until boiling. Then on low heat for 15-20 minutes, cool, add honey, cinnamon or lemon.

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