Nutritionists have called the habit of slimming

Диетологи назвали привычку, способствующую похудению

Daily weighing helps to lose weight.Habit every day to stand on the scales increases the efficiency of control over physical activity and diet are the main factors leading to excess weight.

Research nutritionists from the USA showed that daily weighing helps to lose weight. Such a simple and fast routine called a powerful motivator in the fight against excess weight.

The study authors reported that scientists in the course of work during the year, followed by a group of volunteers from the 1,042 people who have embarked on the path of getting rid of excess weight. Nutritionists do not give the participants any jobs and motivations, it is not recommended that they no diets, no exercises, but merely observed their behaviour and results. A year later, at the end of the study, the experts concluded that significant weight loss achieved by those people who regularly stepped on the scale at least 6-7 times a week. Less success was achieved by those who stood on the scales a couple of times a week, and those that do not neglect this procedure just once in seven days, not thin at all.

The authors believe that the arrow on the scale is a good motivator: the more often a person sees proof of the success of their actions, the more enthusiasm and desire to achieve the goal he is; a bad day is also reflected in the arrow of scales, and once again serves as a reminder of the need to lose weight. However, if a person rarely resembles itself on its “extra” problem, he thinks less about it and often neglect an important regulation during rest or meal.

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