Nutritionists have called vegetables, significantly slowing the weight loss

Диетологи назвали овощи, существенно замедляющие похудение

Hard to believe, but even vegetables can be useful if you want to lose weight.In particular, according to nutritionists, can make it difficult to lose weight peas, beans although it is constantly recommended for the diet of those who lose weight, as they have a lot of vegetable protein and fiber.

But, eating the peas which really gives long satiety, you need to be physically active. Peas contain starch, which during digestion is converted into glucose, goes into the creation of body fat reserves on the hips and abdomen.

Another “nasty” vegetable is the beet. There are a lot of sucrose, and those who want to lose weight, beets are not suitable. Another root vegetable characterized by a high content of natural sugars, carrots. If there is a carrot, then the maximum is slightly baked, that is, to use it you need raw.

In General, almost all of the roots of different sugar content. If, for example, cook some soup, get a dish, which has almost no vitamins, significantly reduced the amount of fiber, but it will exist sugar, experts say.

Also in this list are soy products. Soy is considered a rich source of protein, but there is evidence that soy phytoestrogens may in some way affect hormonal balance and provoke weight gain.

In addition, the weight loss can have serious effects pumpkin and avocado. In a pumpkin based fiber amount again of sugar, and avocados are very high in calories: one medium fruit contains about 250 calories.

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