Nutritionists have shared the new rules of weight loss

Диетологи поделились новыми правилами похудения

In order to lose weight, not necessarily to torture yourself diets.

The topic of weight loss will always be relevant, because half the population of the planet suffers from excessive weight or trying to maintain it at the same level for many years, which is not so easy.

A tough diet is the first thing that stops those wanting to lose weight because it is to take it not everyone can. Besides, doctors are sounding the alarm and strongly recommend not to resort to strict power systems for weight loss, because they spoil pretty health.

Scientists called the new rules of weight loss that may seem familiar to you:

Eat fruits and vegetables before eating. Such a strange rule helps to satisfy hunger faster than you might think. Everyone knows that dessert is high in calories it is better to eat an Apple, but American nutritionists say that a healthy dessert all you need to move 15-20 before the main meal.

Have the same property of other fruits and vegetables, consisting largely of water, squash, cucumbers, watermelon and so on. The use of these products before meals fool the body, satisfy hunger, and will not overeat.

Eat alone with yourself. When a person eats alone, he is not distracted, and this means that his brain will focus on food, due to which will come the saturation.

Take the example of children. Baby when he’s hungry – he doesn’t eat that he didn’t offer. And adults need to learn to understand the signals your body, and if not, then the feeling of hunger is to drink a glass of water and only if he did not give up, to eat.

The procedure called “cryolipolysis” is considered by experts one of the most effective for weight loss today and less dangerous in contrast to liposuction. Scientists propose to freeze the fat cell, placing the man in a cryo-sauna, and today this method is beginning to gain in popularity.

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