Nutritionists suggested how to lose weight for lazy people

Диетологи подсказали, как похудеть ленивым людям

Experts offer to try the diet for the lazy.

In nature there is full of people who would differ in ability and overall love for any work.

Usually, those who suffer from obesity are a terrible lazy. The only thing they are not lazy, that’s what they prefer to eat, lying in bed or on the couch.

It is for these people nutritionists have developed a special technique that allows to effectively get rid of excess weight.

The essence of the diet for the lazy

There can be anything but a main rule is 15 minutes before the meal to drink 2 cups, approximately 400-500 ml) of warm boiled water.

You can afford to eat even fatty and flour products, only need to drink warm water and sitting down at the table, hunger is not so clear as it was just a few minutes ago.

Of course, people with high appetite still have room in the stomach for some food, but they can’t eat a big portion except through the unpleasant sensations of abdominal discomfort.

Nutritionists say that such a method can be to lose 1-1. 5 kg per day, or more.

There were cases when the diet for the lazy give gorgeous results – minus 10-12 in just 14 days, but this is assuming that the original weight was very large.

Important: to drink water in small SIPS and slowly.

It is desirable to exclude from the diet products such: salt, sugar, smoked products, pickles, because they hold liquid, but if you will drink a lot of water, it can occur swelling.

If you add to this procedure even a little physical activity, the weight will go faster than you could imagine.

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