Nutritionists told me how I “lose” 15 pounds in a month

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 15 кг за месяц

In this diet practice of restricting carbohydrate intake.Kremlin diet is based on how to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Thanks to this diet, you can lose weight in a month by 15 pounds, writes the with reference to clutch.

The main goal is not only weight loss, but the acceleration of the metabolism. Nutritionists say that at the end of this diet, you don’t have to think about the extra weight.

According to the rules of such food, every product has its price, which indicates the contents of carbohydrates. 1 unit = 1 gram of carbs. For every gram you, one point is added.

Low-carb diet consists of four phases. For each valid number of points are different.

Stage 1the first stage of the diet 20 is the maximum number of points (points,.e.) the you can dial in a day. This is the most difficult period, during which you learn to control the amount of carbohydrates in food, as your body adapts to the new way of producing energy.

Be careful with the quantity of ingested protein. Despite the fact that many sources indicate that the protein products of the Kremlin diet can be eaten indefinitely, they do not overeat. Excess protein can cause kidney disease.

Stage 2In this period should gradually increase the amount of carbohydrates to 5 points a week. Gradual increase in the number of carbohydrate foods should not lead to weight gain. If you stopped losing weight or even started to dial it in, you should reconsider the menu. Perhaps some products that you have cause weight gain. Individual response to the absorption of food is normal.

The second stage of the Kremlin diet needs to teach you how to choose food for themselves.

Step 3Continue to increase the intake of carbohydrates to 10 points a week. When you do this, watch your weight: if the weight is stopped, or you again began to gain, you should return to the second stage of the diet.

Step 4Now it’s your job to keep the weight within their achievements. Allowed a weight gain of 2-3 kg within a few weeks after the end of the 3 stage diet. This is the time when you are able to control the amount of carbohydrates in a day automatically.

MondayBreakfast:Cheese 100 glazunya of 4 eggs with vetchinnikova, tea without zahirabad:squid Salad with olives 100 gfile pike-perch baked with mushrooms, 150 GCI without SharePoint:Apple Sredneural:Tomato 1 PC. boiled Chicken – 200 yogurt unsweetened – 200 g

TuesdaySubtractors 150 G2 boiled eggs, stuffed gibanica without Sharabidze vegetable with pepper, sunflower oil 100 otbivnaya of lean pork 100 gcafe without sharapanjara nuts 30 guineueta colour boiled 100 Gurina breast baked with sirachi without sugar

WednesdaySubtracter 100 G2 eggs varenichki without Sharabidze vegetable oil 100 100 shashlyk GCI coffee without сахараПолдник10 olives cerniauskaite 1 piece Fish boiled 200 yogurt unsweetened 200 g

ThursdayZavtrakat cauliflower 100 G4 sausage turnieje without Sharabidze vegetable with field mushrooms 150 Pula-kebab from mutton 100 gcafe without sharapanjara walnut 30 winsalot sheet 200 gryba fried 200 GCI without sugar

FridaySubtractors dietary 200 g with zelenochi without Sharabidze tomatoes with olivomycin pork roast with aicache without sharapanjara 30 guinuine dry red 200 gsir 100 gryba boiled 200 Salat sheet 200 yogurt unsweetened 200 g

SaturdaySubtracter 100 glazunya of 2 eggs with wycinanie without shareability boiled with mayonnaise 200 100 bifshteks gahoe red wine 200 goldengalleycasino sheet 100 gryba fried 200 yogurt unsweetened 200 g

SundayЗавтрак4 sausages turniere squash 100 gamedallas sheet 200 Gorica grill 200 walnut HCI without sharapanjara 30 quinoidal 100 gmas boiled 200 yogurt low-fat 200 g

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 15 кг за месяц

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