Nutritionists told me how I “lose” 5 pounds in a week

Диетологи подсказали, как "сбросить" 5 кг за неделю

Experts spoke about the benefits of a diet “6 petals”.In the old Soviet cartoon petals Tsvetik-Semitsvetik did the wishes of a little girl and the diet “6 petals” can fulfill your desire to lose a few pounds and get rid of belly fat.

How does the diet “6 petals”are Not going to deceive you: if you weigh well over 80, these short-term diets are not the best option for weight loss. It’s not healthy and can only hurt the figure in the long run. But if you leave allowed myself to not exercise and eat whatever you want, then this diet will help you to lose what you’ve typed, and return you to normal healthy eating.

Diet “6 petals” helps to lose 3-6 kg, depending on initial weight and way of life. Of course, supporting diet with exercise for weight loss you will achieve the best results.

The principle is that each “petal” (ie day) you’re changing the diet. It turns out 6 mono-diet in a row with a specific set of products.

One more thing: diet is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians since it is alternating protein days with carbohydrate and have to eat a lot of meat, fish and dairy products.

The sequence of days of the diet “6 petals”:fish;vegetable;chicken;cereal;cheese;fruit.By carbohydrate-protein sequence achieves the following effect: the body, waiting for the sharp change of diet, digesting the products obtained are almost “wasted” by not using their energy value. It is clear that for the healthy functioning of the body essential energy source. In this bonus diets: a source of fuel for the body become fat reserves. Therefore, in the diet “6 petals” lose weight all. There will be spent first, extra fluid, then subcutaneous fat. So if you only have 5-8 extra pounds, you shed anywhere from 3. And this is a healthy weight loss.

Another important feature of the diet “6 petals”, which allows you to effectively lose weight is a limited number of calories per day. You get not more than 1200 kcal, which is enough to maintain health and to lose weight. The developer of the diet, Dr Anna Johansson, in his writings claims that, owing to shortage of calories and protein-carbohydrate alternation occurs successful weight loss due to the fat reserves of the body, not water and muscle. She writes that more than 50% of the results of losing weight thanks to strict adherence to plan, so it is not necessary to add to the diet some new food. Dr. Johansson advises those who fell in one day not to continue the diet with the next “petal” and start all over again. That is, from the first day. Otherwise, it does not guarantee the loss of pounds.

If you want to improve the result of diet, add exercise, and the effect just will not keep you waiting.

Menu diet “6 petals”Before you start it is recommended to do one day fasting on water or green juices to start the process of losing weight.

The first day the fishwill Need 500 g fish that you can bake, boil or steam. Distribute the fish into 4-5 portions, so for not to experience hunger.

You need to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. It could just be still water or herbal teas.

Fish nourishes the body with omega-3 fatty acids, which are well affect the digestive system: they are well and rapidly absorbed and saturate for a longer period.

Second day – vegetableToday, you can eat any vegetables with a low glycemic index: all green vegetables, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage and cauliflower, pumpkin. The rate of vegetables for the day – 1.5 kg. It can be as different vegetables and one.

Products should be consumed raw without salt or steamed in the oven, on the grill without oil.

Don’t forget to maintain the correct drinking regime.

Third day – chickenYou need to eat 500 g chicken breast without fat and skin. Just like with fish, you can fillet to bake, boil and cook for a couple. Spread the servings for 4-5 meals, so as not to feel hunger.

Rich in proteins are lean meat also contains magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, b vitamins that contribute to weight loss. If you train during the diet, you endure the days sports days on the protein – and energy will have more to work on in training, and myshy will be able to recover incoming protein.

Norm of water per day – up to 2 liters of coffee should be abandoned.

Fourth day – cerealand vegetables, you should choose cereals with low glycemic index. Give preference to buckwheat, wild rice, millet. All day allowed to eat on more than 200 g cereal dry.

You can choose one cereal, or alternate the grains within the total weight of the products. Cereal not add the oil, salt, too, should be careful – the smaller the better.

Drink enough fluids to slowed metabolism.

Fifth day – cheeseRecommended amount of the product – 500 grams for the whole day. You should not choose low-fat cottage cheese, because it is no good. The body needs good fats to get rid of their own reserves. Take the product of average fat content.

The recommended amount of fluid – up to 2 years, if you train intensively, then drink more.

Sixth day – fruit, the Total volume of products – 1.5 kg. Remember, preference is given to no sweet fruit, no starch. Otherwise, the last day you’ll ruin the whole diet. The “right” fruits include: apples, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi. In General, all of Vrutky, except grapes and bananas. Alternate fruits throughout the day. You can also bake fruit with cinnamon apples for this dessert is perfect. By the way, in the evening it is better to have it baked apples, body to make them easier to digest.

Also do not forget about drinking regime. As fruits contain water, do not drink more than 2 liters of water, so the liquid does not accumulate in the body.

After the diet is recommended to gradually introduce in the diet of other products. But it is understood that returning to unhealthy food, dropped pounds can come back, so try to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. Or at least follow the 80/20 system, in which 80% of the diet is healthy food and 20% to your favorite delicacies (eat them before 16:00). So you won’t get fat after a diet.

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