Nutritionists told me how to eat pasta without harm firuge

Диетологи подсказали, как есть макароны без вреда фируге

Pasta can be eaten without harm to the waist.The Italians know a lot about this pasta and eat it properly, without harm to your waist. So you safely and happily ate pasta, we describe three rules, tips, reports the with reference to

Pasta – a hearty and tasty dish. But other than that it can be more useful if it is based on grains of durum and not processed product in connection with amplifiers of taste. Experts and lovers of pasta know how it is, so as not to harm the figure. In this article we will discuss the most important rules.

Get yourself locuto that paste to have two instruments known to many. Twist the spoon in the macaroni, and then with a fork to make an elegant skein and only after that send it in their mouth. It turns out that this technique is incorrect. Eat the paste should be only one device plug. A coil of pasta should be exactly such as will fit in your mouth. Slow down, the device rests in the bottom of the dish when you wrap the paste, so you’ll eat much less.

Know the measure, in the end, it concitato we can eat every day. Subject not to forget about the number of servings. Put limitation: 100 grams of the finished product enough to be satisfied, especially if you eat a dish with vegetables. The feeling of fullness will be for one hour. And if you add to the pasta instead of high-calorie cheese, a bunch of greens, the dish will sink in much better. The digestive tract is happy to accept this combination.

Fun, but without sarasam lovers pasta with Parmesan need to dampen your ardor. No need to dwell on the fact that Italian dish is delicious only when it has cheese. This is a fundamentally wrong statement. Yes, you can only slightly pritrusit grated cheese dish, but to turn the pasta in cheese delicacy is not worth it. There it must be warm, then the cheese will be in such quantity enough. Cold pasta turns into a kind of mush. If you want to enjoy the taste, to feel Italian atmosphere and not to harm the figure, then stick to this rule.

Just three simple rules can change the whole course of the history of your relationship with pasta. Do not bind Il don’t order a large portion, low cheese, preferably more vegetables, greens and only use a fork, a spoon, lay aside.

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