Nutritionists told to whom it is useful to eat eggs

Диетологи рассказали, кому полезно употреблять куриные яйца

This popular product is useful for the entire body.

The assertion that eggs can be hazardous to human health due to cholesterol, has become outdated. Science has proven that the cholesterol in the human body is not directly dependent on diet, reports the with reference to news-N.

Eggs, rich in nutrients and vitamins is a must in the offseason – it improves health.

In the composition of hen eggs contain essential healthy vitamins: vitamin a, vitamin D, vitamin E, b vitamins Eggs are easily absorbed and digested, contain few calories. Recent studies show that eating eggs help you lose weight without harming the body.

The combination of lecithin and iron in eggs improves the process of hematopoiesis. It is scientifically proven that the presence of eggs in the diet contributes to maintaining normal blood pressure. Experts in nutrition say that eggs improve the functioning of the lungs, help the immune system fight bacteria, helping to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Raw chicken eggs are recommended for people suffering from diseases of the nervous system. Also raw eggs are shown to workers of harmful productions with the use of neurogenic industrial chemicals such as mercury and arsenic. In addition, the protein of raw eggs is activated to fight against inflammatory diseases (for example, it is used in acute acidosis).

There is no exact answer to the question, how many eggs can be eaten without harm to the body. Nutritionists advise to eat in the order of 4-7 eggs a week.

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