Nutritionists told what products you should give up

Диетологи рассказали, от каких продуктов стоит отказаться

Delicious foods are not always useful.

The food industry has filled the market with a huge number of delicious, but not always good for the body products, reports the with reference to 24apteka.

Thanks to the active is many of us began to believe that indeed there are useful variants of fast food. Yes, such products can include micronutrients. And they are completely ready to eat. But really this food is healthy?

The problem is that often we don’t read carefully the labels on the products that we buy. Because of this we miss the fact that such products contain various artificial additives. Over time, they can greatly harm our health.

In fact, such semi-finished products generally contain more calories than their natural counterparts. Therefore, this food has a direct relationship to overweight and metabolic disorders. What products are harmful?

1. Meat products and sausages

Sausages are able to attract customers with its freshness and taste. They are easy to use for cooking various recipes and quick dishes.

The problem is that the sausages contain large amounts of sodium. He is responsible for the appearance of fluid retention and inflammation.

Typically, in the manufacture of sausage used and the various chemical additives. For example, nitrites and nitrates. The latter may increase the risk of developing cancer.

2. Fries

Fries seems delicious. It is great for snacks when we’re attacked by hunger. However, this product contains a lot of saturated fat and sodium, so you must exclude from your diet.

Regular consumption of French fries can lead to increased levels of cholesterol in the blood and cause metabolic disorders. The fries — one of the products that are most fattening.

3. Bars with cereals

For several years we have been buying these bars with cereals. We think that they are a quick and healthy alternative snack.

Indeed, many of them contain grains and other natural ingredients. With them, our body gets lots of nutrients. But it is important to keep in mind that these bars contain sugar and harmful chemical additives.

4. Refined vegetable oil

In many countries people are using too much vegetable oil. Perhaps, it would be impossible to imagine food without it.

Although not all vegetable oil is bad, most of the oils on the market are refined. They contain fats that are harmful to the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

5. White flour

White flour is also popular in the food market in many parts of the world. It’s not just about the flour, but products containing this ingredient. The range of products is quite extensive.

At the same time buyers are not aware that refined flour loses the useful properties of the original product. Unfortunately, this process can significantly change the nutritional value of flour.

A small amount of flour will not harm your health. But the misuse of this ingredient can lead to excess weight. It is also possible bloating and increase the level of glucose in the blood.

6. Canned

Canned goods are another lifesaver fast food. They often come to the rescue of those of us who have no opportunity to devote much time to cooking. They are easily used and stored for a long time, and their taste is pleasant.

What is the danger of these products? Always remember that these products are processed under industrial conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to think well before to buy a jar of canned food.

Manufacturers of canned food does not warn the buyer that due to canning their products lose several nutrients. On the other hand, their production involves adding various chemicals. The latter is able to damage our intestines.

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