Odessa shot a funny parody clip Kirkorov

Одесситы сняли прикольную пародию на клип Киркорова

The video is gaining popularity.

Almost two million views in three days gained the work of Odessa. A group of young people filmed a parody music video of Philip Kirkorov “Color mood blue,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 048.ua.

The original soundtrack left a voice Hermann Levi, very similar to the popular Russian artist.

It’s a funny story about graduates of the Odessa schools who get drunk, have fun on the tram, stealing cars and having fun until dawn.

Instead of the colors the mood blue is the traditional sash slung over the shoulder. Walking around the store already not Yana Rudkovskaya son,and grown-up students.

Profanity no,but the promotion of alcohol,typical of almost all parodies of the song”mood Color blue” here.

In frames of the clip meets the Odessa seaport and the Terminus of trams in Arcadia.

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