Office snacks: named healthy foods for snack

Офисные перекусы: названы полезные продукты для полдника

Slowly up the career ladder, we often forget about their health and body.But who, if not we ourselves, can find the balance between work and healthy lifestyle? Experts told how to eat in the office, without prejudice to the shapes and health benefits.

Plan snacks should be based on calories and satiety of meals. If you have a full Breakfast, for lunch you can eat some fruit. If the Breakfast was light as a snack will fit sandwich on whole wheat bread with fish or white meat poultry.

The alternative to such a sandwich can become a mini-spring rolls one bite of pita or lettuce leaves. A good snack can be considered fruits and berries – they are not so difficult to take with you to the office. It is important to remember that fruits contain simple sugars – fructose. So give preference to unsweetened varieties, and have them better to 16-17 hours, says Mikhail Gavrilov, PhD, is the author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss.

Vegetables are also good for snacking. You can bring vegetable sticks – cut into strips cucumber, carrots, celery, zucchini. If you just spray them with olive oil, the feeling of fullness after a snack will last longer. Salads with legumes (they contain lots of protein) a good option for a hearty snack. For its preparation you can use any beans: kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas. Combine them with any vegetables; as a sauce, again, you can choose olive oil.

The snacks may include nuts. To get involved with them is not necessary – although this product is useful, but it’s pretty high in calories. To avoid the temptation to eat the whole packet at once, pour the right amount of nuts to a plate and remove the packing away from the eyes.

Important addition: during snack always distracted from the work. Highlight on the food at least 5-10 minutes.

Nuts instead of cookiesto Keep cookies and sweets in the office is dangerous – they’re so seductive! Better in their place to put the nuts. If you are hungry after dinner, snack on food that contains unsaturated fats. Such as walnuts or avocado. Bonus: these snacks improve your memory.

Berries cupcakes instead ofsomeone of my colleagues birthday and he brought cake or delicious cupcakes? It is better to eat a Cup of fresh berries, if the thought of sweets do not give work quietly. It is not harmful for the teeth and figure. In addition, the berries contain many vitamins and fiber, but cakes can not boast.

Chicken instead of potato chipsyou Like to eat spicy snacks like chips? Catch advice from nutritionists: replace them with pieces of cooked chicken with spices and vegetables. Another great snack is hummus, it definitely doesn’t hurt the figure.

Coconut chips instead of the muffinLike on the way to work to grab a coffee and a muffin? I advise you to abandon this habit. Snack coconut chips. They are not only sweet, but useful – contain protein, iron and fiber.

Apple instead of candyMany people love to drink tea with candy as a snack. Don’t! Eat a better Apple. Don’t want an Apple? Then recall the saying: “I Want to eat – eat an Apple, I don’t want Apple – you don’t want me there.”

Greek yogurt instead of ice creamto Eat Greek yogurt with berries, if you suddenly wanted ice cream. This snack contains about 18 grams of protein and just 100 calories. This is a great option for those whose brain refuses to work without the sweet.

Mixture of nuts and dried fruit instead of nuts in the glazeof course, We understand that the peanut brittle is delicious, and you love him since childhood. But let’s still eat right. Unroasted nuts without salt and sugar, as well as natural dried fruit activates the brain and will not gain weight. Just remember – these snacks contain a lot of calories.

Energy bar instead of chocolate chips,If not at zero and I want to eat, do not pull the hand to the chocolate. Find a energy bar that contains small amounts of sugar and large – protein. But these bars must be homemade.

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