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Oksana Akinshina

A few days before it became known about divorce Oksana Akinshina with her husband, Archil Gelovani, SPLETNIK.RU visited the filming of “Dawn” (its premiere will take place on 31 January 2019), one of the main roles in which she played an actress. Everything most interesting from the set, and impressions of stars from participating in the picture talk in our material.

It is only in social networks Oksana Akinshina — smiling girl who is not averse to flirt with your ex lover. On the set she is serious. Her face completely deadpan, and she seems to have only the operator and the Director is ready to transform into the heroine of another movie with his participation.

Oksana Akinshina and Miroslav Penzov

“Dawn” is a horror movie. It takes place in multiple time periods and realities. 31-year-old Akinshina in the film plays the mother of Anton (Miroslav Penzov), who dies under mysterious circumstances. Her daughter (her role was played by Alexander Drozdov) to find out the secret of the death of his older brother. To solve this mystery, her character is immersed in a lucid dream that will change her mind and become her real nightmare.

On the set of Oksana Akinshina appeared in the “home” read: in a simple nightgown, with her hair and polozhennye and a thermos in his hands — breaks between filming not so much, so I have to do everything on the go. The star has shared impressions of their participation in the film and spoke about some details of the shooting process.

According to Akinshina, she is horror looks rare, with the exception of the sensational tapes. Experience the feeling of fear and flinch at the sudden screams she doesn’t like. However, in new York, but decided to try myself.

Tell us about the shooting. Why did you decide to participate in the project?

This genre is new to me in General, always fun to do and participate in something new.

Experienced do you lucid dream? Have you had any recurring nightmares?

No, lucid dreaming I haven’t seen — it’s still kind of diagnosis, but the nightmares once dreamed of. I often have dreams that repeat, there are dreams, in which changes in the surroundings, but the essence of the event remains.

What was the most unpleasant thing you’ve ever had to do on this shoot and on set of other projects?

Filming is always a lot of fun, cold and dirt. I had no luck with beautiful paintings of the sea. Bathed here with Chadov in a huge tunnel with diesel fuel, oil and gasoline instead of water.

In addition Akinshina and Saliva, the film also starred Alexander Molochnikov, Petr Skvortsov, Alexander Drozdov and other actors. Directed by Pavel Sidorov — he is in the movie, glory not find, but managed to work on some music projects, in particular filmed a video “Not Paris” the group’s former lover Akinshina Sergei Shnurov of Leningrad. But the writer was made by Eugene Koledintseva that the horror genre has managed to work — he wrote the screenplay for the film “Diggers”, “Dislike” and “Ghouls”.

During the filming, however, we were able to talk to Oksana and some to abstract from the world of movie themes and ask her not related to profession questions.

Compared to other stars you rarely have something publish to Instagram. Why? And what of the pages to which you have subscribed, you have a favourite?

I can not and do not devote much time. Favorite page no. And in General I’m tired of social networking.

What advice would you give to a 17-year-old, looking back?

Be pragmatic.

The film “Dawn”, as we have said, is scheduled for January 31, 2019. In the same year released another film with the actress — picture “Our children”, which the audience can watch it on December 27.

Stills from the film “Dawn”

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