Olivier Martineau: Laughing the mirror

This time, Olivier Martineau has sharpened his blade. More sharply, his second one-man-show will look a bit more mature, but the comedian promises to make more waves than he has ever done.

“I am a knife, not a spoon! Says the person who describes himself as delicate. “Still the same rattle that beats like a hammer,” added the tall lean.

The work is called Parfa, a term evoking the imperfection of which we are all satisfied, unfortunately or fortunately.

“We say” it’s perfect, it’ll do the job! “I think that’s what we have attitude today,” said one who has always made human idiocy his favorite subject.

On stage, he takes pleasure in sending the company back to his own image, as disappointing as it is absurd.

“Without hurting, I’m sure I’m going to shock. I am not two girls in the morning; I’m not here to make you feel good. But, people will laugh, that’s for sure. Then when you get up and find yourself awful, do you get mad at the mirror? He remarked with the familiarity.

He is worried about the future of society and the planet, this polite but “dripping” Olivier. And apparently, watching Denis Lévesque does not help. In his show, which “could have been called Those People I met at Denis Lévesque”, we can expect a good twenty minutes of gags about the ridiculous guests.

History and kijiji

The former student of art history can not help but feel a certain “historical concern with human reasoning”, “without wanting to be moralistic or politicized”.

“I say more and more my opinion, he notes. My personality is going through now. Before, I had zones: the public and the private. Now, there are corridors. ”

The world is not well, he says. “But better to laugh! Already, it’s an awareness. When you think about it, Julius Caesar is as close to the pyramids as McDonalds. Two thousand years on each side. Are we going to do another 2000 years? Certainly not like that. ”

Not with the Kijiji ads we have, anyway.

Recently become in spite of himself a kind of guru of the missed advertisements, Olivier reveled once again of what “does the job”. Just thinking of the “cadre of Égippe”, the “jacket djins” and carpet “cashew cabbage” adorning his Facebook page, he screams with laughter.

“All the publications I share are the imagery of the three nerves that I hate most in society: laziness, imbecility and immediacy. We do not overhaul anything! It may be that we are out of step on some things, but there are tools; use them! “Indignant the Lavallois, who launched it in there almost by chance, by publishing one or two screen shots for the pleasure last year.

Today, its publications ignite the Web, users send him nearly 50 suggestions per week. “I would seriously like to make a collection. That would make a good coffee table book! He lights up.

Stool and glass of beer

“Too young to be old, too old to be young”, Olivier Martineau embraces his side “mononcle”, especially in humor.

“The jokes of mononcle really bad press these days, but it is necessary to understand that it is made of the bad joke of mononcle, and the good one”, specifies the one who mentions his idols, the Gilles Latulippe, Romeo Pérusse and Claude Blanchard.

It is especially in the students that he learned the art of making laugh, if not passed by the National School of humor. An alternative school, combined with an innate talent, which did not stop him from winning On the road to my first gala in 2010 or a Golden Nose of the Grand Laughs of Quebec in 2012, or even self-proclaim on the stage of the Golden Lion in 2007 thanks to an irrepressible desire to taste the humorous scene.

“The cabaret people have hit the path for us, and that’s what I want to come back to. For this show, it will be stool and glass of water (well, in fact, glass of beer in my case). It’s closer to what I wanted at the beginning, “he says, happy to be in a room as intimate as the Old Bell Tower of Magog to continue its running.

Accompanied by the author Frédéric Simard, with whom he already works for his chronicles on the airwaves of Energy, and script-publisher Christan Viau, he wants to put his finger on the perfect 105 minutes of show. Sequence that, once mounted officially, will be musically signed by an exceptional artist, he promises without wanting to reveal more.

Parfa will also mark the return of the saucy songs, these unbridled tunes that allowed him to stand out at the beginning, but who had been excluded from his first show.

“There are things that can be said in song and that we could not say without music, explains the humorist. We are a duet my guitar and me. There are new songs, but there are others that people know. To have seen 300, 500, 1000 people who hum a disgusting, petty, with words not possible that are not repeated in the newspaper … wow. ”

It will be understood that whoever describes himself as a “nice villain” does not recommend his show to an audience under the age of 16. “After that, I will not tell people how to raise their children,” he said. It’s like on stage: I propose my opinion, but I will never tell people what to think. ”

Surfer on the wave

The humorist considers that his years of improvisation have been a good “school”.

“The interaction with the public is the essence of what I do,” says the one who has, in the past, brandished flutes, oranges and frozen dishes on stage to engage the audience.

There are not two evenings with him, and shows often stretch out beyond the scheduled time.

“The other night, Sorel, there was a loud whistling in the speakers of the room, he says. People were holding their ears. I surfed the wave a good ten minutes later. It made people laugh so much that people thought the hiss was part of the show. That’s exactly what I want: that people are constantly wondering if I improvise or if it’s planned, and if what I’m telling is true or false. ”

You want to go?

Olivier Martineau
August 20 to 24, 8:30 pm
Old Bell Tower of Magog
Admission: $ 37