On American TV the shooting occurred

На американском телеканале произошла стрельба

The man received a gunshot wound.In Washington, the man received a gunshot wound during an attempt of unauthorized penetration into the building of TV station Fox-5, reports FOX 4 News, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

According to the report, the shooting occurred about 15 hours local time (22:00 Kiev time).

As written by a reporter for Fox 5 Lindsay watts on his Twitter page that “the guard shot the man, who tried to illegally enter the building. The victim remained conscious when he was taken away by ambulance…”

According to police, the suspect is a 38-year – old man was wounded in the torso and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Police are investigating the incident.

It is clarified that any threat to the employees of the TV channel no.

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