On Donbass the Ukrainian military was lost: the fighter had two children

На Донбассе погиб украинский военный: у бойца осталось двое детей

In the Donetsk region during a combat mission killed a soldier of the 24th mechanized brigade Ruslan Kondratyuk.

The fighter is a native of the Rivne region was blown up on a mine and died from his injuries.

Ruslan Kondratyuk was born 2 October 1981 in the village of voynitsa Malinovskogo district. In November 2018 the fighter signed a contract with the Armed forces of Ukraine. Military service in the infantry battalion of the 24th mechanized brigade.

Without a father left two children – 11-year-old Svyatoslav and 8-year-old Diana.

On Linousine 16, 17 and 18 February, the mourning, pass Podrobnosti.ua.