On Elon musk opened a criminal case over the post in Twitter

На Илона Маска завели уголовное дело за пост в Twitter

On Elon musk opened a criminal case over the post in Twitter

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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Tesla Inc. was under investigation due to unexpected and even daring statements of its CEO, Elon musk, told Bloomberg 2 knowledgeable source.

In early August, in his microblog businessman said he wants to make Tesla a private company and for this ready to buy shares in the company for $66 billion would be the biggest purchase of shares in the history of trading. One of the reasons for this decision, Musk has called the “enormous pressure” due to the need to submit regular financial reports to shareholders. And 3 weeks later the billionaire has refused this idea.

However, Federal prosecutors found that there are not all clean. In their opinion, the statement Mask on Twitter was part of the fraudulent scheme, said insiders on condition of anonymity.

After reports Bloomberg Tesla was made on Tuesday, September 18, commented as follows: “last month, after reporting Ilona at the expense of considering the privatization of the company Tesla received a request from the Ministry of justice on the voluntary provision of documents and configured to cooperate… We have not received subpoenas, requests for depositions or [something] any other formal process. We respect the desire of the DOJ to obtain information about this and believe that the issue will be resolved quickly, as soon as they are considering the information received”.

According to sources, the purpose of the investigation is to establish whether Musk statement on repurchase of shares Tesla with intent, because immediately after the tweets billionaire they jumped in price by 7% to us $367,25 apiece. Also, prosecutors suspect that company management deliberately investors misled about the state of business.

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