On King St. wrote more than 6000 fines (PHOTO)

На King St. выписали более  6000 штрафов (ФОТО)

Since the beginning of the pilot project on King St. it’s been eight months, but police said they still have problems with observance of rules of traffic. From November last year to July, the police have written 6 642 penalties, however, the representatives of the police Department inclined to believe that this number would have been even greater, whether at their disposal a larger number of officers.

“The reality is that we will never be able to catch all violators,” said the policeman Clinton Stibbe.

The project, which is aimed at the unloading of cars from King St. between Bathurst and Jarvis St., was launched in November last year, to cut travel time by tram along the busy overland route in Toronto. According to preliminary data, the project has accelerated the movement of trams in the rush hour, for five minutes, which allowed to carry 13% more passengers.

But, despite the fact that ridership has risen, the number of traffic violations has not decreased. The police said that the rules are difficult to follow. For example, under current rules, vehicles can not pass more than one block on King St. between Jarvis and Bathurst, before you turn right. Drivers continue to break this rule, despite the fact that the police discharged a huge amount of penalties for violation of this paragraph.

“This will continue, even if at each intersection on duty at an officer,” said Stibbe.

Stibbe believes that it will take more stringent measures to accustom drivers to the new rules.

Despite violations of motorists, clients are TTC, it seems, delighted with the effect of the project. Diane Zicarelli every day uses the route, which runs along King St., and says that a recently implemented pilot program has helped reduce the time to travel to the widow, although she understands why the new rules can be inconvenient for motorists.

“I love it, because it’s easier and I need less time to get where I need to go,” said Zicarelli.

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