On Mars found “Ghost of the dunes”, which can hide life

На Марсе нашли "призрачные дюны", которые могут скрывать жизнь

Test of the theory possible after sending a new expedition to Mars.

American scientists found on the surface of Mars hundreds of indentations in the form of a Crescent, so-called Ghost of the dunes. These geological formations left after the disappearance of high sand hills, in which primitive life forms could be saved from radiation, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Paranormal news.

A significant part of the surface of Mars is covered by dunes. These sand hills are formed and disappear under the influence of wind.

However, if their feet were frozen lava flows or sedimentary rocks are present, after the destruction of the dunes in their place are formed recesses. Such geological formations called “Ghost of the dunes” because the photos from the satellite they look like the shadows of the majestic mountains.

In the new study, researchers from the University of Washington (USA) was identified on satellite images of the surface of Mars is almost 800 ghostly dunes. Of these, 480 were discovered in the labyrinthus complex of intersecting canyons and 300 on the Hellas plain — the lowland that have appeared in the impact crater.

The recesses have the shape of a Crescent. Usually the edge of the dunes parallel to the direction of the prevailing winds, however, the “horns” of the Martian dunes against the wind.

На Марсе нашли "призрачные дюны", которые могут скрывать жизнь

“In the direction of the elongated edges of the ghostly dunes we were able to learn that in the distant past, when the sand hills was formed, the Martian winds blew in the opposite direction. This suggests that the climate on Mars is not static and has been changing over the last few billion years”, — said the author of the study, day Mackenzie.

According to American scientists, billions of years ago on the “Ghost of the dunes” were sand-mounds, the height of which reached 75 m. inside these burial mounds And ancient microorganisms could hide from radiation.

The usual Martian dunes

Scientists believe that in areas of shadowy dunes may be sand, which for a long time has been isolated from the external environment.

As earlier existing on Earth, the dunes were able to detect the microorganisms, the researchers believe that the attempt to find traces of microbial life on the red planet can also succeed.

На Марсе нашли "призрачные дюны", которые могут скрывать жизнь

Hope for the future

According to Russian experts, it is necessary to check all assumptions about the existence of life on the red planet’s surface, including in areas of shadowy dunes.

“Ghost of the dunes” on Mars

However, the scientist stressed that to explore the ghostly dunes is quite difficult because the shape of the terrain on the red planet is extremely diverse.

So, according to the expert, on the Martian surface there are caves and many other formations, which would theoretically allow primitive life forms to hide from adverse environmental conditions. However, to validate these theories have to send to Mars field expedition.

“Of course, the next mission is to explore where there was liquid water. Now in such places work the Rovers, although recently due to the outbreak of a dust storm had to suspend their work. The process of such studies is complicated by the fact that the topography of Mars is constantly changing,” — said Kuznetsov.

To test new theories on Mars is to send a piloted expedition, because people will be able to work more efficiently Rovers.

“No matter how dangerous nor were piloted expedition, it is necessary to send humans to Mars, to achieve scientific breakthrough in the search for traces of ancient life,” concluded Kuznetsov.

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