On New Year’s humanity for the first time in history get to the edge of the Solar system

На Новый Год человечество впервые в истории доберется к краю Солнечной системы

Unit of the earth will reach the most distant object of our system in a few minutes after the start of 2019.

Ultima Thule is a small speck in space with a diameter which is barely 30 kilometers, and it rotates around our Sun for billions of miles from Pluto.

It is so small that even the most powerful telescopes on Earth could not see. The subject was able to identify only with the help of the Hubble space telescope. And even for him the Ultima Tule was blurred point.

Astronomers call open is the most distant object in the Solar system Greek expression that means a place beyond the known. Shortly after midnight on new year’s eve, when humanity will celebrate the beginning of 2019, the device the size of a large piano, called New Horizons for the first time in history get to the Ultima Thule.

Examining Pluto four years ago, the space probe went in the direction of the unknown area called the Kuiper belt. There are trillions of “objects” that, like Ultima Thule, remained immutable since the origin of our Solar system.

New Horizons will approach the point at a distance of 3.5 thousand kilometers of untouched space from these artifacts, becoming the first human machine, which will do it. “This is the most far of research in history,” said researcher southwest research Institute, Colorado Alan stern, who created the New Horizons probe.

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