On the American road was a most strange accident

На американской дороге произошла самая странная авария

The accident pickup “straddle” the crossover.

Car accidents happen every day. But very rarely do cars literally jump on each other. This accident occurred in the American state of Arizona, and, fortunately, nobody was hurt, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to AutoNews.

White pickup Mazda B-Series tried to avoid a collision with the car coming to a meeting, lost control, and as a result literally flew on a red compact crossover Honda CR-V (although for some reason in the police report called “red saloon”).

For its size and weight pickup Mazda B-Series is much superior to the compact crossover CR-V. it is Not surprising that the crossover was badly wrinkled. But no one was hurt. For this I have to thank, of course, advanced security system, which are fitted in this model. In the pickup, incidentally, is also one of the damage is not received.

It’s an amazing accident. It is not clear how the truck was able to fly on a crossover. It is also unclear how it is held. And surprisingly, people were not injured.

Even if your car has many modern active and passive safety systems, remember that they do not give guarantees of security of life in case of accident. They only reduce the risk of injury.

На американской дороге произошла самая странная авария

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