On the farm we found 8 buried dead horses, animal advocates are furious (PHOTO)

На ферме найдено 8 закопанных мертвых лошадей, защитники животных в ярости (ФОТО)

In Ontario on one of the farms was dug 8 dead horses. Three people who rented a farm accused of animal cruelty.

Defenders of animals from the OSPCA (Ontario society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) announced that earlier in the same month, on one of the farms (approximately 50 km North of Toronto) has found 14 emaciated horses and 1 pony.

Now the murder of 8 horses investigating regional police York. They work at the crime scene.

Specialist horse Oscar Calvet said that the bodies were pogrebeny relatively recently – at most a couple of months, but not before. He said he made this conclusion because they found not only bones, meat and even blood.

The owner of the farm said that he was shocked and very upset by the message that on its territory are found buried with horses. He said that those who did should be punished, as it is the real murder.

Activists OSPCA told the media that it all started after may 3, police received a call in which people were worried about the state of the herd of horses in the neighborhood.

The horse was found skinny, “almost all of their bones were easily visible,” according to activists of the OSPCA.

Three people from the farm, whose names were not called, were accused that they allowed their animals to be in poor condition, did not provide adequate food and care necessary for General welfare. The defendants are expected in court in Newmarket on July 6.

As for 14 malnourished horses and 1 pony, the OSPCA said that they were taken from the farm where found, placed in the new territories, and now the animals are under close veterinary supervision. However, their current status is not reported.

In OSPCA also added that the names of the accused will not be named until then, until the court decides their guilt.

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