On the field in Britain discovered a new huge picture

На поле в Британии обнаружен новый огромный рисунок

Ufologists believe that the crop circles – the result of aliens.

Recent crop circles for some reason began to appear more and more often, of course, primarily in England, although in some other countries, according to a Chronicle.info with reference to Esoreiter.

Note that almost a year anticipated artistry of the aliens did not arise anywhere else on the planet (or at least they were not reported to the wider public), but now these “alien masterpieces” fell on the fields of farmers from the horn of plenty.

This leads to confusion of farmers, authorities, ufologists, and other paranormal investigators, who are not able to explain the reasons for the ongoing recovery.

The last mysterious picture on the box found last Sunday, June 17, in the English County of Wiltshire, not far from the famous Stonehenge. Awesome image on the wheat crop shows a huge circle connected by straight lines and five circles in a much smaller size.

На поле в Британии обнаружен новый огромный рисунок

Inside of this composition is something like a flower, five petals which is one and the same strange symbol. A transcript of this message is hardly possible, as in the case with thousands of other “circles” in the fields.

Alas, the value of arts for humanity remains a mystery, although quite a lot of assumptions (see our previous material on crop circles).

Many well-known ufologists have wondered why this figure appeared near Stonehenge? Maybe the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, parallel worlds, our descendants interested in it in the legendary building of the druids?

However, it is believed that he built this ancient monument just aliens. So, in April of this year, British scientists announced that Stonehenge could be built by man, because two of its largest stone was crafted over millions of years to the Neolithic age.

It turns out that the representatives of some advanced civilization has made with these blocks difficult to manipulate even long before our ancestors first picked up a stick (if you believe accepted the theory of evolution in our society).

Although the venue for the next art on the field is selected, it seems, not by chance (randomness is very difficult to believe), to explain this choice is still very problematic, not to mention the meaning of the message…

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