On the Islands of Franz-Joseph found plastic debris of local origin

На островах Земли Франца-Иосифа нашли пластиковый мусор местного происхождения

Expedition “the Open Ocean: the archipelagos of the Arctic – 2018” has found plastic debris in the depths of the Northern Islands of Franz-Joseph.

On the Islands of Franz Joseph (Franz Josef land) rising new threat to the environment, scientists have concluded after the expedition, “the Open Ocean: the archipelagos of the Arctic – 2018” yacht Alter Ego in the Arctic, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to the Telegraph.

According to the candidate of biological Sciences, representative of public organization “the Association “Maritime heritage: explore and save” Maria Gavrilo, Arctic Islands, survey of the newly discovered micro – and macro-plastic, including fishing vessels. It brings to PFI currents from more southern latitudes. Now, however, scientists began to find the local trash. The theory of local origin plastic confirmed the fact that this garbage was in the depths of the Islands, which excluded the influence of currents.

“There are definitely local sources (garbage). This court, working in the area of household things that are clearly people on the banks”, – said M. Gavrilo reporters.”We need to change attitudes and stereotypes of the attitude to life – not just to carry a plastic packaging so many… Manifested by local pollution, this must be addressed now, while this is not so rooted,” – said the scientist. According to her, the members of the expedition conducted an experiment and during the campaign to maintain records of garbage and tried to send at sea to minimize the amount of plastic taken with you. Now they are ready to give recommendations to other expeditions traveling to the Arctic, how to avoid unnecessary packaging.

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