On the planet has dramatically increased seismic activity

На планете резко увеличилась сейсмическая активность

Tremors recorded around the world.

For the last ten days on earth happened at least a hundred and forty earthquakes, though decent power (4.5 points). Only for Sunday Michael Snyder, counted 50 of catastrophes, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

Underground activity is recorded around the world. For example, on Tuesday I suffered a loss on the coast of Venezuela: from the aftershocks of a magnitude of 7.3 points collapsed buildings in the state capital.

Last Sunday, the seismic activity was recorded near the Islands of Fiji. The force of tremors reached the level of 8.2 points.

Only in the last two happened on day 69 of the strongest earthquakes in the “ring of fire” – in the field finding the highest number of volcanoes. Scientists have previously said that the processes in the ring of fire can cause a Domino effect, when the disaster passed on to other areas.

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