Oncologists dispelled the most common myths about cancer

Онкологи развеяли самые частые мифы о раке

In these myths you should not believe.

Despite the fact that about cancer today, you can find a lot of scientifically based information, many people continue to believe the common myths about this category of diseases. Some of us also like to diagnose the diseases based on the recommendations and the lists of symptoms from the Internet, which in most cases have little to do with reality. Misconceptions and lack of information often lead us to fatal errors. Today we will debunk 8 myths about cancer, in that it’s time to stop believing, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the Telegraph.

Cancer appeared together with a man. In fact it affects all multicellular organisms. There’s always a chance that a cell will cease to obey the General mechanisms of regulation and multiply. According to some, cancer was suffering even dinosaurs. As for the men, the protective mechanisms to prevent the development of cancer emerged in the process of evolution. In particular, evidence of malignant tumor was discovered in the remains of an ancient Egyptian, who lived more than 3 millennia ago. As you know, at that time there were no cigarettes, no fast food, no toxic environment of the plants.

Any malignant tumor is cancer. Keep in mind that “cancer” and “cancer” — not the same thing. Under cancer means a malignant tumor originating from epithelial cells, which is indeed one of the most common malignant tumors. However, there are other types of substandard processes. For example, melanoma, which is erroneously called skin cancer, is formed from cells that produce melanin. Sarcoma, in turn, originate from cells of connective tissue, including bone.

Cancer drugs more harmful than helpful. Of course, to undergo a course of chemotherapy — not the same thing, what to eat vitamin. Chemotherapy drugs designed to kill cancer cells will inevitably affect the healthy tissue. Side effects from this method of treatment are very serious. Therefore, prior to the start of the course, the patient’s condition is studied in detail, for it is individually selected the most safe and effective drug, to determine the dosage and mode of administration. In addition, Oncology is another area of supportive care, which helps to postpone chemo as comfortable as possible and without severe side effects. Chemotherapy helps to prevent recurrence, to achieve remission, and in severe cases, to prolong life. Side effects are nothing in comparison with the inestimable benefit that it brings to the fight against malignant tumors.

Cancer is always a death sentence. Every year the survival rate for many cancer increases, new approaches and medications. In addition, improved surgical technique. To assess the success of therapy of malignant tumors it is common to use a measure five-year survival rate. It refers to the percentage of patients who remained alive after 5 years since diagnosis. The average survival rate for all cancers is approximately 66%. The best prognosis have such kinds of malignant tumors, such as prostate cancer, and breast and thyroid gland more than 90%. To fight with other cancer more difficult. The lowest survival rate from cancer of the lungs, pancreas, liver and brain tumors. While the important role played by the stage at which the disease is diagnosed. The sooner it is identified the better the patient’s chances of recovery.

That the prevalence of cancer is increasing, blame progress. The fact that cancer diseases are becoming more, is the fact. If before the risk of cancer, each person was 1:3, according to the latest — 1:2. Yes, sounds it is really not reassuring, but it is important to understand why change statistics. One of the main factors is the aging of the population. People used to die due to other causes, but today when life expectancy increases, more people live to the moment when they begin to develop a malignant tumor. In addition, over the past decade, diagnosis of cancer has improved significantly, malignant tumors are increasingly detected early — that’s why many have the feeling that there is a growing incidence. However, increases survival, because the tumor is diagnosed in the early stages, to eliminate much easier.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on which organ the tumor, and how wrong the cancer cells look under a microscope. Until recently, the structure and origin of the tumor tissue was really the main criteria for predictions of oncologists. However, modern technologies allow to study molecular genetic features of tumors. A malignant tumor grows due to mutation of genes, which provokes uncontrolled cell division. This set of “wrong” genes and proteins in two identical tumors can be radically different even in one patient. This leads to the fact that the medications that helped before are no longer effective. That is why the treatment of cancer requires a personalized approach.

Cancer occurs due to fungus, so it can be cured with baking soda. Another common myth is that all malignant tumors have the fungus Candida albicans. To this conclusion many mistakenly suggests the white color of the tumor. In fact tumors come in other shades, and they do not find fungi. Treatment baking soda — not the best choice because today there are many effective antifungal drugs. In addition, such self-medication is unsafe. The use of 30 g of sodium daily can cause serious health problems.

A healthy lifestyle can prevent cancer. Many of the risk factors for the development of malignant tumors are related to lifestyle: obesity, Smoking, excessive junk food and alcohol. However, there are other factors which we can’t affect. So, the risk of malignancy increases with age and is genetically determined — the chance of getting sick is higher if someone of your relatives were diagnosed with cancer. Risk factors can be other diseases: gastritis, Crohn’s disease, stomach ulcer and ulcerative colitis. But, as already stated above, modern technology can detect a pathological process at an early stage, timely diagnosis and correct treatment increases the chances of recovery. If you find any disturbing symptoms do not self-medicate and do not believe dubious information from the Internet, and as soon as possible make an appointment to see a doctor.

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