Only one habit can undo the depression

Всего одна привычка может отменить депрессию

Yoga, running and other workouts will help fight off depressive episodes. A new study has shown that physical activity can completely remove the recurrence of depression.

This disease affects over 300 million people worldwide. Depression can cause both physical and psychological damage to the body. Now experts say that maintaining physical activity can help to counteract some of these symptoms, helping millions to get out of this state.

In a study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, researchers from Massachusetts General hospital found that the inclusion of more physical activity – whether dancing, aerobics or gym equipment in the background of the lighter loads in the form of yoga or walking can reduce the likelihood of depressive episodes by 17 percent. Physical activity should be at least 4 hours a week.
Exercise can help to improve overall physical health, sleep, appetite and energy level, thus completely remove the symptoms of the entrance to the depression.