Ontario firefighters keep the fire Parry Sound 33 a week (PHOTO)

Пожарные Онтарио сдерживают пожар Parry Sound 33 уже неделю (ФОТО)

Official representatives of the Ministry of natural resources reported that a forest fire in northeastern Ontario has managed to contain over the last week that allowed area residents to return to their homes.

The Ministry of natural resources also reported that the fire, called Parry Sound 33, still takes no less than 113 square kilometers. According to the Ministry, in the province currently 116 active forest fires, 11 of which are uncontrollable.

The press release also States that evacuated the inhabitants of North-Eastern Ontario can return to their homes since Friday, but restrictions on movement remain in force for Pickerel River, Key River, because to be insecure.

The province has already received support from the Federal government of Canada, the United States and Mexico in combating the fires, currently in the province there are more than 300 firefighters. The Ministry also believe that the recent heavy rains have further assisted in fighting the fire.

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