Oscar : Disney-t-it could put pressure on the Academy for that Black Panther is sacred ?






“Change is coming to the Oscars” has recently tweeted the prestigious Academy. This will take further consistent measures that will change in the next ceremonies.

In February 2018, France had been visionary. Précurseuse, without wanting to, a category that will influence the coming ceremonies of the Oscars. By launching its new “Caesar of the public”, France-awarded to the film that had the best market on the box office domestic. A price that had delighted Dany Boon, award-winning this new statuette for Raid crazy, but left perplexed many viewers.

This proposal of a popular film that it comes as prestigieusement may have given ideas to a certain manitou of the film industry : Disney. The company’s big-eared probably saw an exit door to pursue her long-feature films at the Oscars, especially the Black Panther. With more than 700 million dollars in revenue, the film Ryan Coogler has been the best success of a superhero movie at the u.s. box office.


Waiting for the next Oscar


According to a report released by Variety, the group Disney-ABC would have met with the leaders of the Academy of the Oscars last march in the wake of the fall dante’s hearings. From 39% to 19% of viewing figures between 2017 and 2018 according to the report. In the Face of this loss of interest in a ceremony that has become too “pompous” and “elitist”, Disney-ABC has proposed new ideas : add a category for “Best Blockbuster” and reduce the number of rewards distributed.

This change unannounced is not trivial. ABC, which is part of the group Disney since 1996, was in the middle of a contract large enough that would make sure the chain american become the distribution partner exclusive of the Oscars, and this, until 2028. According to the report, the chain would have had a little “ras-le-bol” of the loss of viewers and would greatly prompted the Academy to review its positions if he wanted the contract always keep.

Precisely, the change occurred on Wednesday 8 August. On their Twitter account, the Academy has taken the word and made the things that were going to renew the figure dusty of the ceremony.


Change is coming to the #Oscars. Here’s what you need to know:

– A new category is being designed around achievement in popular film.
– We’ve set an earlier airdate for 2020: mark your calendars for February 9.
– We’re planning a more globally accessible, three-hour telecast. pic.twitter.com/oKTwjV1Qv9

— The Academy (@TheAcademy) August 8, 2018


A new category will be created that will reward the popular movies. From 2020, the ceremony will take place earlier, on February 9, and not the 23 as it had been initially announced. And the evening will last less long : around three hours of show against four and a half hours currently. In order to reduce this time, the Academy has specified that certain awards will be given out during the ad breaks. Without mention of which would suffer this wrath is unfair.

Certain personalities in the film press american have in any case noticed the strange coincidence between this announcement and the phenomenon of Black Panther :


It truly is something that in the year Black Panther, a movie made just about entirely by and with black people, and grosses $700 million, the Academy”s reaction is, “We need to invent something separate…but equal.”

— Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) August 8, 2018


“It really is something that this year, the Black Panther, a film almost entirely made by and with black people, has won a $ 700 million. The reaction of the Academy is : “We need to invent something separate… but equal”. “

When others, on the contrary, note with a sense of humor mocking this announcement, and have fun. He, like the critic David Ehrlich :


2018: The Academy announces a new award for “Popular Movie”!

2020: The Academy announces a new award for “Best Cinematic Universe!”

2022: The Academy announces a new award for “TV Shows that Feel Like 10-Hour Movies!”

2024: The Academy announces that “gifs are the new cinema!”

— david ehrlich (@davidehrlich) August 8, 2018


“2018 : the Academy announces the Oscar for “Popular Movies” ! 2020 : The Acamédie announces an Oscar for “Best film of a film world”. 2022 : The Academy announces the Oscar for the best “tv Series, which gives the impression of watching a film 10am. 2024 : the Academy announces that ” gifs are the future of cinema “.”

The ad, like it or not, this new category will be a way to attract a wider audience. It remains only to monitor how the world of Hollywood will behave following the “mini-bomb” and if Black Panther becomes the lucky winner of this lottery.


Chadwick Boseman is preparing to his pitch of thanksgiving for the golden statuette

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