“Outstanding people”: a beautiful open-air portrait gallery

Beautiful people occupy the space along the Estriade, near the bridge Miner and Long Street for a few days. Citizens sometimes well known, sometimes less, but all have in common to be exceptional in their own way. They are naturally crooked in their environment and are currently part of an impressive open-air portrait gallery that pays tribute to them.
S uffit browse the exhibition to be convinced. The 22 people who appear on the big color photos deserve their place in the sun. “It’s a tribute, during their lifetime, to exceptional people from all walks of life,” explains Stéphane Champagne, the event’s idea-maker, who has the title Des gens d’exception, tout simplement.

For this project, he called on Julie Catudal, a photographer sister whom he knew a bit, especially for his work at. “I wanted to do it with someone and I knew she was working well,” he says.

“Stéphane called me and I immediately accepted his invitation. It’s an honor for me to do a project with him. And then, to see our photos in large format, it is always special, adds Julie, which is at the origin of seven of the 22 works presented.

From sport to the arts

Once the kebab of personalities chosen, one and the other went to meet their subjects, making sure to put them in context, without editing or almost.

Sports fans will recognize “Monsieur Soccer” in Granby, Jean-Yves Phaneuf, and hockey man Daniel Lacroix. They will also meet the faces of Diane E. Tétreault, a cancer advocate, musician Jean-Luc Hébert, horticulture enthusiast Lise Deslauriers, environmentalist Alain Mochon and cultural ambassador France Arbor … among others.

“These people come from the field of arts, philanthropy, sports, agriculture, everywhere,” said Stéphane Champagne, pointing to a picture where appears a vet Granby Zoo leaning on a sleeping rhinoceros. “Shannon Ferrell was born in Alaska, lived in Texas, and settled here a few years ago. He is a francophile with a very interesting story. ”

The duo also raises their hat to the obstetrician Diane Martel who, driven by her passion and determination, became a late doctor and gave birth to 2800 children.

Visitors will also discover a certain Luc Gagnon who, in all discretion, plays a leading role in accompanying dying persons. To preserve his “anonymity”, Stéphane has also sketched against the light.

And to inform the public, the duo ensured that each photo was accompanied by a short biographical text summarizing the course of the “stars” of the exhibition.

Why this theme? “I like the world in general and I like humans who stand out,” he says simply, adding that among all the people he asked for, only one refused his invitation.

Two more years

Thanks to an agreement with the City of Granby – still valid for two years – this is the fourth time the Granbyen has used this green space along the bike path to present a series of thematic shots.

After presenting, in 2016, the sports photographs of his friend, renowned press photographer Bernard Brault, Stéphane was associated with him in 2017 to expose their personal shots with technical advice in support.

Last year, Stéphane Champagne proposed a range of photos highlighting the attractions of the greater Granby area. Poles are already stretched for next year’s show, he says.

Until then, it is possible to admire the photographs of Exceptional people until next November. The opening will be held on Wednesday, July 24 at 18h.

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