Over Sweden saw the face of the “enemy”

Над Швецией увидели лицо "пришельца"

People are in panic and prayedShocking impression on users of the Network, and even UFO picture taken and published astrophotographs by göran Strand, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to Golos.Ua

After a powerful solar storm in the sky over Sweden appeared the face of an alien, lit by the flashes of the Northern lights. The emission of solar plasma, according to most ufologists, projected increased alien figure that can be regarded as another warning to the earthlings.

Rumors and facts about the approach of Nibiru, or deleted are only versions, until, when not charged with some sort of tangible proof. Strand believes that’s exactly what he was lucky enough to photograph.

The spooky appearance caused people to panic and pray, witnesses said. In addition, the photographer on the lower part of the image considered another figure, which he compared with a stormtrooper from “Star wars.” Of course, many skeptics found online that said that the Northern lights, especially after a solar storm class G2, are able to draw in the sky and not so impressive paintings. However, ufologists defended his version.

Emissions of solar plasma not only incapacitate satellites, GPS and power lines, but also significantly affect the human psyche.

Над Швецией увидели лицо "пришельца"

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